Training Visas – what are they?

If your employee is new to your area of expertise and is also not an Australian visa holder, you may wish to consider sponsoring them on a training visa. This visa subclass allows you to employ a non-Australian for a period of time with a view to training them up in your specific area. This may be a suitable visa if your employee is required to complete training for their professional qualification or if, for example, you are in a trade and need to train your employees in the finer areas of your work.

This visa subclass can be used as a pathway to a temporary skill shortage visa by providing your employee with the required number of years relevant work experience and/or qualifications.

As part of visa subclass, you will be required to be approved as a training sponsor/temporary activities sponsor and lodge a position nomination and subclass 407 visa application. As part of the position nomination application you will be required to provide a detailed training plan to cover the period of time you have requested this visa to be granted.

If you want to know more about this type of visa, please get in touch.

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